With each passing year, I’m gently reminded of how much my Mom has truly influenced my life and the person I am today.  Often I reflect on the qualities and characteristics my parents have etched in my heart and they truly are a reflection of who I am today.

As I reflect on Mother’s Day this year….I wanted to share a few amazing qualities that my Mom displays:

My Mom is an amazing example of how to LOVE hard……and care for others, ALWAYS before taking care of her own needs.  She’s a doer, just like me….and her heart has a huge bend towards serving and making sure others needs are met, often at the expense of her own.

My Mom is an encourager.  She can so easily be in touch with your needs….and offer great symathy, and compassion for what people are going through.  She always quick to offer words of encouragement and prayer.

My Mom is a servant….always willing to pitch in a helping hand to get things done; often, at the expense of giving up things she may have planned.  You need help?  She’s always there.

My Mom has a heart full of compassion…..always available….always willing.

My Mom has shown me how to be a wife, and mother….to my husband and children by living out an amazing example before me.  I’m so thankful for the gifts of an amazing example she’s given me.  The steps she’s walked, have been easy for me to follow because I know….with each step she takes, she’s following the Lord and the things he’s called her to do and be.

What a hertiage it is..to leave a legacy of a Godly example as a Mother…and I’m so very blessed…….by my Mom’s example….and this song….fits so perfectly…for Mother’s Day as my Mom truly…LOVES.


Here are a few pictures of my mom…with me and my kids…..she’ truly….is the best.


My Mom and I on vacation to Mackinac Island


Ashley with my Mom on her wedding day Sept. 17th, 2011.Image

My Mom with Andrew and Rachel at Ashely’s wedding.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom….I LOVE you!



Getting my move on

It’s Monday…..gray and a little drizzly outside and my body is telling me it would have been a GREAT day to sleep in.  ha. Hopefully we’ll reach the 70 degrees they are telling us to expect. 

We had a jammed packed weekend with church activites……and dinner with the kids.  I’m always amazed at how fast the weekend goes.  Weekends like this remind me of how truly BLESSED I am…and I’m counting my many…many….blessings.

This week is shaping up to be  busy and fun. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to:




I’ve discovered a few beautiful running trials just STEPS from my front door.  The trails go around a lake and it’s simply amazing.  My goal is to run the trails at least 4 times a week…starting tonight! 🙂

Wednesday night are becoming one of my favorite as I gather with a group of amazing ladies and we work our way through this book:


God’s truly doing amazing things…and each week it blesses my heart to see and hear the gals open up and share a little more about their journeys. 

Thursday morning I get to take one of these


to meet


my sweet Ashley so we can carpool together to her office so I can get an adjustment.  I enjoy this 2x’s a month time together with her.

Friday….will be a jammed packed day celebrating


Rachel…as she graduated from college.  A little brunch..followed by graduation and then out to dinner with her family.

So much to be THANKFUL for….and my prayer has been that the Lord keep me focused and having a heart of thanksgiving each day. 

Have a BLESSED….day ladies.


Friday Randomness

It’s Friday, and we are sliding into the weekend and I could not be more thrilled!!  It’s suppose to be cold here (45…and raining) this weekend so I’m thinking comfort food, comfy clothes, and relaxing. 

Bur first, tonight I’m teching a class at our church on how to make these cute vases.


The link to instructions can be found here.  Aren’t they adorable?? 

The 4th friday of each month and friend and I lead a ladies gathering called ‘craf*ty ladies” night. We meet, we craft, we laugh…and we have a fun time.

Saturday all of our kids plan to be home so  dinner will consist of yummy homemade Mac and Cheese found here…and yummy sliders found here thanks to Pion*eer Wom*an!  LOVE her!!!!   

I’m also planning to make this for dessert!


Nutella cheesecake.  Yum-oh!

Sunday night I’ll be attending a Women’s leadership team meeting for church and I’ll need to take a treat for that event so I thought this yummy greek dip. looks and sounds fab.  What do you think?

I’m also hoping to slip into these


at some point this weekend and get in a run.  Only 99 days till wedding number 2 and Mamma’s got to get moving.  So far…10 pounds down……..











This past Christmas my husband bought me a No*ok and I was  THRILLED.  I thought a no*ok would be a perfect gift (since I love to read) so I begged added it to my wish list.  After receiving it, I wasn’t so sure I liked it.  I did like the fact that I could purchase books MUCH cheaper rather than buying a hard copy….but reading the no*ok just wasn’t the same as flipping through a real book.
Slowly….I’m gaining a new love and appreciation for my no*ok….and I’m so thankful I have one. My wish list of books to purchase keeps growing. Today, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into which books I’m enjoying now.
Grace for the Good Girl
by Emily P. Freeman
This is an amazing, and challenging book!! Each Wednesday night, I meet with a group of gals as we journey through the pages.  God is truly doing a great thing as we stare ‘the good girl’ squarly in the face….and find freedom.
I’m also reading this new book by Jen Hatmaker.  Talk about a tough (in a good way), challenging read.  Her book smacks our ‘need for more’ drive.  If you want to be challenged…..stirred, and moved…check out this book.  You can also check out Jen’s blog here.  She’s posted a few powerful thoughts on Easter.
This book has been on my wish list:
and just the other day…for a few hours it was FREE to download on my no*ok…so I took advantage of that deal.  I cannot wait to dive into Renee’s book as well.
So…..what’s on your nightstand???

Wheat Grass Centerpiece

I’m in love with the look of ‘Wheat Gra*ss” centerpieces so this year I thought I’d make a few for our home.
They are simply beautiful and they add such a nice touch of color to your home.
Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

I picked up a bag of potting soil from Wal*mart for a few bucks, and 1 pound (you don’t need a pound…you only need a few seeds) of wheat berries (I bought the red wheat berries type) that can be found at a Whole Fo*ods market.

Fill whatever type of canister you’d like to use with potting soil, add the wheat berries, water
 and watch them grow!!!
I picked up the (below) metal canister at TJMA*XX for $4.00 and I started this batch last Saturday…..4 days ago…and look how quickly it’s grown.
These centerpieces will add a simply, pretty touch to my spring time decor.

It’s been wwwwayy to long since my last post and I have much to bring you up to speed on; but more on that later.

Today I wanted to share with you a few fun photo’s that were taken at our churches “Sweet Life Event” with special commediain…..Scott Da*vis.

Scott flew all the may to MN to spend an evening with our church family and guests…laughing until our sides hurt.  Following the event with Scott, a yummy table filled with ALL things sweet were waiting for the guests. We had a fabulous time!

Part of my role for the event was to create a atmosphere that would be warm and inviting for our church family as well as their guests.

As you enter our fellowship hall guests were greeted by this fun Welcome sign:
Here’s an up close picture:
I bought this cute tray at the dollar store.  I decided to paint the back  using chalkboard paint.  Once it was dry, I used chalkboard markers to write ‘Welcome’.  I had left over burlap so I made and added the cute little flowers. 🙂
For our serving tables we used ivory table clothes with pretty dark brown burlap.  Ladies were so kind to bring in their white plates, and cake stands.  The serving table truly looked so very elegant.

We added a touch of color with fresh roses, a lantern and lots of candles.
 I filled small candle holders with split peas…and votive candles.  Cheap…but of so cute.

You’ll have to look real close at this picture to see the cute little food tags.  I spent a lot fo time trying to think of a fun creative (cheap) idea for food tags, and I found something that worked perfectly!  I ran into my local hardware store and bought tiles for 19 cents each.  I then used my chalkboard markers to write out the type of foods we had, (such as gluten free) and I used a stamp to add a cute little touch.  Now that this event is over, we can simply wipe off the words, and reuse them.
No sweet event is complete without LOTS of candy.  For this section I spray painted thick card stock with chalkboard paint and again used my chalkboard markers to write out the different types of candy we were offering.
And last…but not least…one of the 22 table centerpieces I made for each of our tables.  We had these adorable candles sitting on glass mirrors, the lights were dim…and they were simply darling.
And to think….I was able to purchase and create everything for the food table, coffee bar, and tables our guest sat at for under $60.00!
Hope you enjoyed! 🙂
Time seems to be moving at lighting spend…hence the gap in an update from me on my blog! 🙂  Since my last post…..here’s whats been going on in our corner of the world:

She said YES!!!!!!! To her dress.  We (Ashley and I)  had a fun day with Rachel, her Mom, and Rachel’s two sisters RuthAnn and Raina at the bridal shop looking for the perfect wedding dress.  It didn’t take long to find the PERFECT one!  And, no wedding dress shopping would be complete with out a trip to Star*bucks. 
The bridesmaids have all tried on their dresses and (most) have been ordered; and thegroomsmen know what type of suits they will be purchasing too.
Engagement pictures have been taken….

This next picture is One of my FAVORITE pictures….it shows their personalities…and relationship PERFECTLY!
Save the date cards have been created and are being mailed….
(I don’t have a copy of the actual card…so I took a picture with my phone)

and we’ve been spending a lot of time watching Andrew play hoops 
Since some of the games are away…we need to travel.
Good thing Rachel is a good sport and I can talk her into doing just about anything!
This coming weekend we’ll be travling to ND for regional hoops (if we do well..we’ll be heading to Springfield, MO for Nationals in a few weeks) and while there, we’ll be celebrating a special young man’s birthday!
Happy Birthday (week) Andrew…….we are SO proud of you!